Golfer who missed U.S. Open qualifying due to airline losing clubs faces issues again

This has to be a joke, right?

If you recall, a professional golfer named Michael Buttacavoli was forced to withdraw from U.S. Open sectional qualifying last month because American Airlines lost his golf clubs.

Certainly Buttacavoli deserves plenty of sympathy here, but let’s also remember that lost clubs via air travel happen a good deal in professional golf.

Buttacavoli is now on his way to Open Championship qualifying and all is swell – oh wait, he’s facing issues again.

Seriously? Two straight major championship qualifiers where his golf clubs get lost by an airline?? What are the odds of his unfortunate double?

So yeah, it appears Buttacavoli might have some of the worst air travel luck in golf.

The good news: Buttacavoli has since updated that his bag has indeed made it to London.

And there will be no need to withdraw from qualifying this week regardless, as Buttacavoli has a backup plan this time.

We’re glad this will likely all work out – Buttacavoli deserved some good karma – but this problem two major qualifiers in a row is ridiculously unlucky.

Here’s to hoping Buttacavoli’s hint of fortune at the end here grows in the future.


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