VIDEO: Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney falls for ol’ exploding ball trick

Let’s just say Dabo Swinney is better at coaching football than knowing how to stop himself from getting pranked.

The Clemson football head coach, who in January led the Tigers to the team’s first national title since the 1981 season, was taking part Tuesday in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge – a golf competition where college football coaches pair up with a celebrity alumnus from their school for two-man teams.

Swinney and his partner Steve Fuller – a star quarterback at Clemson in the late 1970s – actually finished dead last (15th) in the field. And Swinney got pranked.

The coach geared up for his tee shot on a long drive competition hole, and while he sensed something might be fishy, he went after the ball anyway.

It turned out to be the ol’ exploding ball trick, and it gave everyone, especially Swinney, a good laugh.

The “Ahh, I knew it!” reaction from Swinney after the shot really puts a nice exclamation point on this.

When football season starts up again, though, expect Swinney to return to making fools of others.


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